What is Magento

Magento is the leading eCommerce platform used for online stores around the world. Magento was made to give people easy and affordable services to help them start easily and grow their own business successfully, by selling their products online using our eCommerce platforms. And because of our high quality service, sellers use our platform to deal every part of their business from items to requests to clients, selling online and retailing. Magento’s concentration is to improve the business for everybody, so that the businessmen and women can focus on what they do best, and that is growing and selling their products. We have encouraged other software sellers and third party services to take notice and develop extension and integration to make Magento talk more effectively with them, allowing Magento to become a vital cog in the online selling strategy of most companies.

Magento’s fast improvement, extensibility and openness of its platform has brought about an energetic extension marketplace, allowing store owners to capitalize on the efforts of third party developers by downloading or purchasing Magento’s extensions to improve the functionality of their online store, and provide additional functionality such as payment getaways, merchandising management, shipping methods and a lot more.

Magento was released on 2008 and immediately established itself as a distinctive advantage, being obtained by eBay in mid-2011 after an investment a few months earlier. There are two versions of Magento: the free which is the Community Edition, and the paid which the Enterprise Edition.

Magento Community Edition Features

Magento has a lot of complete features which is the reason it makes such a great starting point, and with its further customizations either through the installation or development of an extension, Magento knows how to work it professionally.

Listed are some of the selected features that make it an extraordinary fit:

  • Extensive catalogue management with various product types, flexible product attribute structure as well as product relations, e.g. cross-sell and upsell and configurable pricing.
  • Multi-store
  • Multi-website
  • Multi-lingual
  • Discounts and promotion rules
  • Customer Groups
  • Selection of built-in shipping and payment methods, including PayPal
  • Basic Customer Management
  • Basic CMS
  • Basic Newsletter Management

Magento Enterprise Edition Features

In addition to warranties and support, the Enterprise Edition boasts features such as:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Abandoned Baskets
  • Rule-based product relationse
  • Rewards Points
  • Store Credit
  • Returns Management Authorisation
  • Faster Indexing
  • Full Page Cache and improved Cache Management
  • Improved CMS
  • Improved Customer Management
  • Improved Admin user roles and permissions
  • Content Staging Areas
  • Solr Search
  • Gift registry and gift cards
  • Multiple Wishlists
  • Secure Payment Bridge (PA-DSS Compliant)
  • Private Sales

To know more about which edition of Magento is right for you, feel free to contact us.

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