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Pay as you go, monthly plan or emergency?

Downtime and site issues hurt your business and negatively affects your image. With the comfort and security of a support package, you can be assured that The Pixel is closely watching over everything so that you don’t need to concern yourself with such matters.

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How does it work

You should only be charged for what you use and that is exactly what we do. That is why retained development (during office hours) is only charged in 1 minute increments.

All tasks are managed in ticket form; you create a ticket, we estimate, you approve, we assign a date, then we complete the job. Using tickets allows easy booking and tracking of tasks, multi-user collaboration and task prioritisation.

What you ask us to do is up to you, as long as it is Magento development. The scope can range from simple off-the-shelf extension installation, customising your template, building a completely bespoke extension or just simply fixing an error.

What is emergency support

Emergency support is for help when you need it most. You don’t have to be an existing customer and it doesn’t even have to be within office hours. We offer emergency Magento support 24/7/365.

Want references first?

Our clients really do love us, as we always go the extra mile to help them out. So they are probably the best resource to really review our capability. For any customers looking for a monthly commitment, get in touch and we will happily give you a few references.

How do you get started

So you want our help then? No problem. Before jumping straight into retained development for a customer, we do like to perform a little due diligence to review the quality of code on the existing site.

Have you got any work that you are looking to complete first? We’ll take on this work and use it as an opportunity to review your site’s code.

What are you waiting for, contact us to get started.


Are you more focused towards support or whole developments?

The latter. Support is an extra facility we provide to our customers – not our main line of business.

What type of work is covered?

We are a development company, so anything Magento development related. We can also provide a limited amount of graphic design support.

Do you offer SEO/Marketing support?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any professional SEO services. We understand on-site SEO and best practice and adhere to this. For strategic analysis, link building and marketing management we prefer to recommend a firm who specialise in this; then we can action changes based on their guidance.

Can I use Emergency support to be served quicker?

No. We do not allow emergency support to be used merely to “jump the queue”. We review each emergency ticket to ascertain its magnitude and in some cases reprioritise the ticket if deemed non-critical.

What is the hourly rate for monthly support?

It is negotiable depending on commitment. Contract length has no bearing, but number of days taken per month does.

Do you offer a code guarantee for retained development?

Unfortunately not. Due to the incremental billing nature of our support packages, it means that we charge you the minimum amount of time to complete a task. If a bug/fault is found, we draw from your available retainer balance for a fix. For fixed price development, the price is higher to include potential issues, however unlikely, such as this.

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